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Switching to AT&T M2X

Around August of last year, the time-series database I was using, TempoIQ, announced that they were not offering their data ingestion and storage plans any more. During the 2 week grace period until their server-shutdown, I looked through other alternatives … Continue reading

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Incense Spike

This past weekend I decided to test the latest model of the PICKLE—with the Plantower 5003 and the Particle Electron—by lighting an incense stick near the monitor. As you can tell, the PM2.5 levels jump from roughly 3.0 to about … Continue reading

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Circuit Diagram for the Pickle 42R Red

I thought I’d learn Fritzing and post the circuit diagram of the modified Shinyei PPD42NS. The circuit is really quite simple. In the 42R, the Shinyei is connected to the Particle Photon which is a microcontroller with built-in Wifi and … Continue reading

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More Pickle Jr. monitors using the PPD42

It’s been a while and school intervened and I did not get to post to the blog. Since then there have been a bunch of questions and so first I want to show a few more Pickle Jr. PM Monitors … Continue reading

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Measuring the Pickle Jr. – a modified PPD42 with an attached fan.

In the previous post I talked about how I built Pickle Jr – which is my name for the networked air pollution monitor that comprises the Shinyei PPD42 with a small Sunon fan fused to the 42. I first built the … Continue reading

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Building Pickle Jr. – the low-cost networked PM2.5 monitor…Part 2…

The last monitor I built, the Pickle was based on the PPD60PV-T2. It was super cool to see that adding the fan fused to the T2 would improve the performance so much that it worked pretty close to the AES-1 from Shinyei. However, … Continue reading

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Building Pickle – the networked PM2.5 monitor….Part 1

The monitor I built to calibrate the Shinyei vs the PM2.5 AES-1, I called Pickle. Why the name Pickle ? Because I love crunchy pickles and I thought it would be a cool name. Can also stand for: Particle Counter in … Continue reading

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Calibrating the Shinyei PPD Sensors…..Part 2

In Part 1, I covered how I added an air-tight fan (well I have not yet published the mechanical details) to the PPD60PV-T2 and that reduced the variability of the particle count by a large amount. In this post, I … Continue reading

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A Monster Calls

“One hundred and fifty years ago, the monster began, this country had become a place of industry. Factories grew on the landscape like weeds. Trees fell, fields were up-ended, rivers blackened. The sky choked on smoke and ash, and the people … Continue reading

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Is India’s air worse than China?

‘India may have just gotten the wake up call it needed to start getting serious about its growing pollution problem. A study put out this week by Tel Aviv University reports that that Indian megacities are seeing a faster increase in pollution than … Continue reading

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