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Indore Diwali Pollution

During Diwali, Indore’s air pollution levels skyrocketed due to the immense amounts of firecrackers lit.

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India skies gray, China’s are brown?

This is a video that was taken in Mumbai, India on a recent trip by a Dr. Mac along the supposed ‘Queen’s Necklace’. She says, that although India is better off compared to China when discussing air pollution levels, the … Continue reading

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Bangalore Air Quality

This is an example of Bangalore air getting heavily polluted by people burning waste. In this case, however, some villagers actually set fire to the grass surrounding a major lake, Bellandur Lake. As you can see, this caused great amounts … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Discussion Forum on Air Pollution in India

Air pollution is a growing problem in the developing world which includes all of the urban areas in India. I was personally impacted by the air pollution in Bangalore and tried hard to cope. There are a lot of sufferers, … Continue reading

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